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The vacuum cleaner with no exhaust air.

We invented a new vacuum cleaner system – innovative and good for the environment, easy to use and produceable at low cost. This idea will revolutionise the market.


We believe, we created a better world of vacuum cleaning, keeping the air dust free.



thien ktb

Small, but with big ideas.

.. that is KTB

The vacuum cleaner with no exhaust air.

a short explain of our creation:

Years ago, we developed a motor which is built very flat and is able to be used in many different applications (see: ”United States Patent Application Publication Nr. US 2010/0101097 A1 and other Numbers all over the world”)

Left with freedom of thought, we had the idea of developing a vacuum cleaner with only good and positive aspects.

We analyzed current systems available today. In our opinion there are no vacuum cleaners, because a vacuum cleaner should suck.

With simple words, every vacuum cleaner works on the same principle.

Take a motor, equipped with a propeller. Because of the high speed of revolution, the air gets forced out of the propeller at high pressure. This creates a vacuum on the other side of the propeller, which you can connect to the brush head of a vacuum cleaner.

There is only one opening for pressure equalization. This is at the vacuum cleaner brush head, which gets moved over the area to be cleaned.

Here the normal atmospheric air pressure pushes through the opening on the bottom of the brush head, into the low pressure area and whirls due to the air-stream speed.

Light-weight particles (usually dust) get forced through the labyrinth system, cyclone filter or other type of filter, separating them from the air which passes through. This creates the cleaning effect. The cleaned but still dusty and contaminated air gets released back into the atmosphere.

In reality the current systems available today are not vacuum cleaners, they are “blown dust arresting systems”.

We have developed a better and far more effective “blown dust arresting system”.  We made it by using our especially flat, highly efficient, robust and easy to regulate motor, creating a closed, whirling air-stream system.

This air stream is created through the air being forced by the propeller blades to accelerate in one direction. At the cleaning area of the carpet, the passing air whirls up particles from the carpet and takes them away.

In a special labyrinth system, with cyclone filters or other filter systems, the dust particles get separated from the air stream, creating a cleaner air stream which is then circulated within the system.

The created air stream allows high air-speeds with good cleaning efficiency without expelling contaminated air into the room.

The creation of the air-stream speeds is achievable with less electrical energy use, because high pressure in the normal system does not need to get pumped into the atmosphere. The high pressure air gets pumped immediately into the low-pressured area.

Very little heat is created by our motor and any heat there is, will be expelled through the housing. In other applications (see United States Patent Application Publication Nr. US 2010/0101097 A1) our motor will run under water, so this system can be used as a wet vac.

… and again: We believe, we created a better world of vacuum cleaning, keeping the air dust free.

If you wish to discuss it further, please don’t hesitate to contact us – thank you.

Developer: Gerhard Thien and his team

About us:

Thien KTB is a technical consulting company, based in Switzerland. In close cooperation with the F.E.T. Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft für technische Produkte mbH & Co. KG in Beeskow/ Germany various technical projects are implemented. KTB is the consulting partner of the “FET” which is one of the research and development companies with whom we work.


The industrial design for the new vacuum cleaner system by Mr. Christopher Gordon Beath, Scotland:

vacuumcleaner design

vacuumcleaner design